Chris Brown - Go Crazy (Remix) (Official Video) ft. Young Thug, Future, Lil Durk, Latto
Chris Brown x Young Thug - "Go Crazy (Remix)" feat. Future, Lil Durk, & Mulatto out now!

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Director by DAPS
Executive Produced by Andrew Listermann
Production Company: RIVETING ENT

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  • Pocahontas Poca
    Pocahontas Poca

    How am i just now seeing dis

  • Toğrul Tarverdiyev
    Toğrul Tarverdiyev


  • immense evans
    immense evans

  • immense evans
    immense evans

  • immense evans
    immense evans

  • immense evans
    immense evans


    Chris you're my favorite Artist of all time and my inspiration 💞💞🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  • Herick Bello
    Herick Bello

    Thugger and lil durk watch future from behind like they teacher

  • Zakyra Bingham
    Zakyra Bingham

    I love your videos Chris Brown ♥️♥️

  • O belo e a fera
    O belo e a fera


  • segunda ficha
    segunda ficha

    Parça te amo mas não ando na vibe pra curtir teu som mais ainda vai chegar esse tempo ...então tem um amigo conhecido alguém que se tivesse dado ouvidos porra mano não teria caído nessa merda isso for real e não uma locura se você podesse só mandar um hello pra ele eu já ficaria bem pra caralho e um dia nois se fala acho o nome dele é hélio vugo caveirinha só mais um morador de favela que ao contrário de mim é um homen justo honesto e teu super fã ...é isso beezy te amo parça até qualquer dia loco !💕

  • gabs cunha
    gabs cunha

    Team Breezy Brazil 🇧🇷

  • gabs cunha
    gabs cunha

    Go Crazy 🔥

  • Felicia Collins
    Felicia Collins

    Where you been. Miss you

  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj


  • SwaggyTJ Matthews
    SwaggyTJ Matthews

    i actually like, love this version better than the original version, it shows the talents and diversity of other artists besides just the ones we normally only hear about sometimes online

  • Kheaven

    I Am FUTURE!

  • Tarah Colwell
    Tarah Colwell

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    • Chris Brown
      Chris Brown

      Hello dear

  • Melissa Hurst
    Melissa Hurst


  • Skaymaureyz Art
    Skaymaureyz Art

    Why is go Crazy Remix so underrated. Let's give it at Least 30 million Views.

  • Skaymaureyz Art
    Skaymaureyz Art

    Keep on being the greatest we know and You Know you are.🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐

  • Jackeline Vieira
    Jackeline Vieira


  • Vivian Felipe
    Vivian Felipe


  • Ca'Ron Dawkins
    Ca'Ron Dawkins

    Did I miss young thug part?

  • Kheaven

    I produced this whole ass song LMFAO THIS TOOK HELLA FIXING WORK

  • Melissa Hurst
    Melissa Hurst


  • Doris Mwenda
    Doris Mwenda

    I love his voice,can he call me please and say hi I don't need his money

    • Big Max
      Big Max

      I can help you contact his manager..

  • fernando romao
    fernando romao

    Fora pt

  • Chardonnay Mukuta
    Chardonnay Mukuta

    Chris n pas comme les autres vraiment ah ah

  • Levin comedian
    Levin comedian

  • s j
    s j

    The only good part of this video is CB. Everything else is trash

  • Trey Zanotti
    Trey Zanotti

    Dont even listen to shit like this but chris brown made a hit wit this one rs

  • Kheaven

    Who's Percussion 2 in this song? I AM

  • Kheaven

    Yo chill everyone

  • Lincoln Abey
    Lincoln Abey

    The album is a super hit

  • AJsxTKsx


  • sassy c
    sassy c

    Nice one guys

  • LatinVilo

    Lil drunk lit💯💯

  • M Savage
    M Savage

    If you apart of the 8.3k dislikes you need to pass away

  • Ritz CarlTon #
    Ritz CarlTon #

    Here for Latto!

  • Noe Dactyl
    Noe Dactyl

    If somebody told me that Taeyang was singing this song I would have believed them LMAO 🤣



  • Sasuke

    Hi bro

  • Little shot
    Little shot

    Lil drunk entry is so good.

  • Nabam Yazir
    Nabam Yazir

    Chris the dopest coolest legend artist ever I love you so much my favorite singer for life time 😭❤

  • leieann fitzwater
    leieann fitzwater

    I like your geeks Stay fly CB 🌹

  • Allen Anderson
    Allen Anderson


  • Kevin Abraham
    Kevin Abraham

    I’m glad lil durk is getting recognition he deserves.. he been in the game for a while now!

    • Kari Lo
      Kari Lo


  • Yea who asked tho
    Yea who asked tho

    Durk killed this

  • ExceptTheTruth

    Leave the baby alone!!! nelkget more views than likes than you. Leave Da baby alone. You already gave up to pedophile Hollywood. leave aRN alone.

  • Carruthers Ricardo
    Carruthers Ricardo

    ACTIVE! 🔥🔥💣💪

  • Russell Jaskot
    Russell Jaskot

    Rappers on here straight garbage...

  • Rudraksh Joshi
    Rudraksh Joshi

    His music is just a vibe that is different

  • Melissa Hurst
    Melissa Hurst


  • Tarah Colwell
    Tarah Colwell

    Tha Terizzer/ Yeshua Love is in Facebook Jail again…. To do that to someone who doesn’t give a shit about “Social Media” much; other than utilizing it to push buttons of the Celebrity’s, because it’s funny when they remain so silent, because they don’t want to get in an argument with me. I wouldn’t want to get in an argument with me either…..

  • GABRIELLE Jesus Warrior
    GABRIELLE Jesus Warrior

    reminds me movie POINTBREAK

  • Anatta Okonkwo
    Anatta Okonkwo

    Promoting trans-humanism and people don't even see it. 🙈

  • Sergeant D
    Sergeant D

    Chris Brown Sometimes freedom fighters are made. Other times they are born. One talented and highly motivated African American that raised the fist up in great focus and motivation. His birth is freedom to fight. His life is fighting for the freedom of all. Sometimes we need more than our eyes and physical strength. Our relentless sounds shakes the walls of inhumanity and is the greatest philosophy..Chris Brown in humanity and ask critical and natural philosophical questions in his songs. One love, one people, humanity is breaking the chains of diversity. Chris Brown

  • Foreign Exchange Records
    Foreign Exchange Records

    No one can do it like Chris brown. Period. He will always raise the bars. Song after song. 💥💥💥💥💥

  • golden s22
    golden s22


  • Rabie Ali
    Rabie Ali


  • babara craige
    babara craige

    i love this


    Future: I cheat on you, you cheat on me. Me: ok 👍👍

  • Kiddo HD
    Kiddo HD

    Lil Durk and future went off 💯💯

  • Mackenzie Spears
    Mackenzie Spears

    where was thug at ???

  • Saimon Thapa
    Saimon Thapa

    Who's still here?

  • Saimon Thapa
    Saimon Thapa

    Vibe vibeeee

  • StlKid98

    this is toughhh

  • Call of Duty online
    Call of Duty online

  • X3 Hydra
    X3 Hydra

    This dude can dance and sing at the dame time✊🔥

  • Jasy Cathe
    Jasy Cathe

  • Jasy Cathe
    Jasy Cathe

  • morgan white
    morgan white

    Best Vibes 🙌✨ For real social media stuff just like; real youtube VIEWS, likes, are just @ the distance of *Authentic views*

  • Wuspatter Wukd
    Wuspatter Wukd


  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    That Would be it Sir ..... Good Morning ... 💡

  • WhiteWork studio
    WhiteWork studio

    Rnb king

  • Gianna DePasquale
    Gianna DePasquale


  • KTAC1

    This remix kinda weak. Too trap

  • Tomomi St
    Tomomi St

    山田さんw ハワイの空とは違いますね🎥

  • MO Aziiz
    MO Aziiz

    We all know them shy girls are freaky 😭

  • AllMonyIn


  • jay roberts
    jay roberts

    so nobody heard durkio?

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez

    Pints of red I feel like im blood

  • Joao Assuncao
    Joao Assuncao


  • Nouha Bou
    Nouha Bou

    This dfrnt

  • Nouha Bou
    Nouha Bou

    It happen

  • Nouha Bou
    Nouha Bou

    Now how

  • Joseph Lutangu
    Joseph Lutangu

    Future😂😂😂I cheat on cheat on me you ain't loyal...

  • Niran Pudasaini
    Niran Pudasaini


  • trend line
    trend line

  • Вован с Магадана
    Вован с Магадана


  • Dick Blunoff
    Dick Blunoff

    What kind of sunglasses is Chris wearing (the white round ones)? Thank you in advance.

    • Scorpion Diarrhea aka mr bruh
      Scorpion Diarrhea aka mr bruh

      clout goggles

  • Rakisha Brewer
    Rakisha Brewer

    Hey Chris Brown I Challenge you to the Spitty Witty Challenge 😆

  • Jaleesa Washington
    Jaleesa Washington

    You guys ate Lit black 1 Chris brown just left the plane with a parachute That's crazy I mean if I was there I would have enjoyed it but Oh my lord

  • Gian Da Silva Borges
    Gian Da Silva Borges

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    From India love 💕😘 Chris brown

  • Thierry Basoko
    Thierry Basoko

    I'm repeating the song a thousand times ❤️❤️

  • Jane Nyangani
    Jane Nyangani

    Chris brown l will always like your music no matter what

  • Ismail Can
    Ismail Can

    how Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are dominating football for 15 years, is chris brown dominating the music world for 15 years! and all the new wannabes want to make a song with him because they know they're guaranteed to have success! ✌🏽🙃

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